Monday, October 08, 2012

Tree Swing

 Jackson grew up with a fabulous tree in his front yard that was adorned with swings, ropes, and nets.  That tree was so loved and is still loved by grandchildren every time we go to their house.  One of the first things I loved about this house was the giant tree in the front yard.  I asked Jackson's dad about how to hang ropes from the tree and he jumped at the chance to help me out!  He picked up Thomas and took him to his blacksmith shop.  They made some special tree-rope-hanging rings together.  Thomas was fascinated and told me all sorts of facts about how hot the fire got and how hot the metal got and how many cool tools Bubba has.  I spent way too much time researching different kinds of rope and looking for the best price.  We ended up getting impatient and ran down to a place in town.  It ended up being cheaper and better there!  I have to let go of the mentality that everything is cheaper online.  

Bubba came over again and helped us choose the best places to hang the ropes.  He is a master at knot tying and helped us get everything set up.  We now have three swings and a climbing rope hung in the tree.  This tree has become the center of the neighborhood as far as all of the kids are concerned :)  The grass is already worn to the dirt underneath all of the swings.  Hooray for trees!

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Jamie said...

I love seeing the outfits that Essie comes up with. She is TOO CUTE!