Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Pictures

I have had a few people ask how I get the pictures big on my blog. I did some searching a few months ago and found an easy way to do it. It doesn't make the pictures the correct resolution so they don't look as good as they could, but it is so easy I don't really care. If you want to know how to do it so your pictures look the best they can, here are some instructions I came across recently...

This is how I do it...Upload pictures as usual, but use the Medium size.

When your pictures are finished uploading, click on "Edit Html" which is just left of the compose tab.

When you get into the Html it is a foreign language, but don't be scared...just look for this... s320...When you find it (one of these for each picture) change s320 to s640 and it will double the size of your picture.

You can upload large pictures and double whatever number comes with that, but I tried that and it made the pictures too big, I thought. There is a number that is s1600 and that is the resolution for if the picture is clicked on, so that doesn't need to be changed. I hope that makes sense!


CJ said...

Thanks for posting this Jen! I will be trying this the next time I have pictures to post.

Rachael said...

Good to know...I have wondered!

mary said...