Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Explorer Journal

Thomas got a very cool Explorer book from his Grandma Chelle this weekend for his birthday. It has intricate pop-ups, mini books, real letters to open and unfold to read, and many more fun things for a little boy to explore. Somewhere in the book it said that to be a good explorer you need to keep a journal. Thomas decided that he would do just that. He has been sounding out different words and writing them in his explorer journal. You can tell by his lips that he is saying different sounds in each picture. I love seeing him learn new things!

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Amy said...

That sounds like a really cool book. He looks like he's so into it too! Thanks for the instructions on the BIG pictures. I've wondered the same thing. Your pictures are so crisp and clear...wish I could take good pics like that. You've got talent girl!

p.s. LOVE the cats!