Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wonderful Weather

I love fall weather! It is so refreshing to have a cool breeze. I have been trying to get the kids outside as much as possible. I think we would spend the entire day outside if we could. Estella is at a difficult stage to be outside. She crawls everywhere (which ruins all her clothes) and she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. I very quickly tire of pulling rocks, dirt clods, cat food, bark chips, name it...out of her mouth. I am not trying to complain...just trying to tell it how it is. Here are a few random pictures of us enjoying the good weather and great yard.

This is what happens to your garden if you plant the tomatoes too close together and don't use tomato is a JUNGLE! We are loving the harvest. I have been canning whole tomatoes and also peaches. If you have never had a Palisade, Colorado peach, you are missing something. It is worth a trip to come see us just to taste one!


Laura said...

For the second time in less than a day I have heard of someone canning peaches, and other things....I think it is a sign that it is definitely time for me to figure out how to do it also! I love Estella's cute little BYU shirt-I need to get one for Max somehow!

JaNae said...

I love fall! Your pictures are incredible. I am so jealous about how well you photograph. My pictures are always fuzzy (I never hold still enough).

Cambrie just started crawling, and whenever we're outside she is constantly putting things in her mouth! I about go crazy! Oh well, not much we can do about it. :)