Saturday, September 06, 2008


Nicholas LOVES starting fires. Ever since we went camping this summer he has been talking about making fires. He frequently gathers little sticks and pretends to build fires with them.

Jackson and I are over the cub scouts at church. For our last pack meeting, among other things, we had a fire in this fire pit and made smores. Jackson's dad made this pit years ago out of an old washing machine drum. It works great! The only thing I would change about it is to have it a bit lower to the ground, so you could see into it while you were sitting down. We haven't returned it to Jackson's dad yet. Every night Nicholas asks to start a fire. He gets so excited. I am a bit worried what this fascination of fire will hold for us in the future. Hopefully we can teach him the power and danger of fire and how to be responsible with it.


Jamie said...

I can tell they enjoyed it by the smores all over their faces. Good luck with getting them not to want to play with fire, most men still loves it as an adults.

julie said...

I'm sure Jackson doesn't mind starting fires either. Boys will be boys! My husband burnt his house down when he was four and Matthew tryed to burn ours down when he was four. At least it hasn't been a stronger pattern.

idahomayos said...

Fun times! I love s'mores; at home in the backyard is the best! I LOVED the story about the drawing and the bartering. Too much fun! You have an adorable family.