Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ballerina Book Lover

My mom gave Estella these ballerina pajamas for Christmas. She loves them so much that she fights me when I try to take them off in the mornings. Several times, I have just let her wear them all day. I took her to the grocery store wearing them once and had multiple people comment on them.

Estella loves books. If she is ever quiet for a few minutes I get worried because it often means she is making some mischief, but lately I more often find her just sitting with a book in her lap, flipping through the pages. If I ever sit down on the couch, she immediately grabs a book, runs over, and asks, "Read it?"

This past week she has been continually asking me to read a book called "A Drop of Blood." It is a children's science book that explains our blood. I got it because Nicholas has been asking a lot of questions about how our bodies work. I expected the boys to like it, but Estella? She points and says "Platelets. White Cells." It is really cute.

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