Saturday, January 02, 2010


It's January 2nd, I know. I have a love/hate relationship with New Year's Resolutions. I love the concept...reviewing the year, resolving to do better in specific ways the next year, becoming a better is just the execution that is the problem. A year is SUCH a long time to carry out a goal. I set the goals and remember through January...maybe into February if I am lucky. I don't have any great way to be sure that this year will be any different, but I am going to set some goals anyway.

My scripture study program will be as follows...
2 days Book of Mormon
2 days Relief Society lesson (Gospel principles or Teachings For our Times)
2 days Old Testiment to coordinate with Sunday School
1 day free choice

I know, I sounds like a lot, but I want to better participate in Sunday classes (I actually can because all my children are currently in Nursery or Primary!!!). I also want to read the Book of Mormon through every year, so I have to include that also.

I will write three family experiences weekly on the blog.

I want to become a better writer. Writing has never come easily to me. I have such admiration (and also envy I have to admit) for those people who can put words together in beautiful ways that paint vivid pictures and evoke vivid emotions. My dear friend Mary is one of those people. If you are lucky enough to know her and read her blog, you will know what I mean. Beautiful words! This goal to write family experiences will, I think, do more than force me to practice writing. It will also give me the opportunity to record in more than just pictures, the precious memories that are happening each day in our family. Memories that might fade and be forgotten if not recorded.

I'm not going to set a physical goal this year. I have some great running buddies and our system has been working so well I am not even going to mess with it. So instead I decided to set a goal of my choice.

I will photograph something that I am thankful for at least three times a week. I will try (I am not committing...I don't want to overcommit) to post these pictures weekly. I would REALLY like to make a book from my blog this year. I say that every year and then don't post enough to make it worth it. Perhaps this year it will be. We shall see.

Hurray for goals. Hurray for New Years. Hurray for becoming better people!


Jamie said...

What great resolutions. You are such a great person, I am so impressed. Good Luck achieving these goals in 2010.

I love that you have decided to study from the different parts of each lesson (ie r.s., sunday school) every day. I try to do it all nightly and it works for a few weeks and then I start to slack, so I love that you just take one a night. I know I should have thought of that but I didn't.

Thanks for the idea.

Jamie said...

I LOVE your resolutions! Especially because it means I get to see and read your blog:)

Jim said...

Way to post your resolutions- perhaps that is what I need to do so I have 100 people keeping me in check;) I may just have to borrow your specific spiritual goals. However for me, rather than a free choice, I will add the Ensign.
I'm so glad Nichola has recovered. So scary.