Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bird that Never Sleeps

My sister in law let us borrow a tape of children's stories by Odds Bodkin. It is wonderful...full of excitement, great voices, and bits of music! My kids ask for it every time we get in the car. There is one story where 'Wowosim, the guardian bird' is guarding something. Over and over, the bird say, "I am the bird...who NEVER sleeps! I am the bird...who NEVER sleeps!"

Now let's switch gears a bit. Estella has been fighting nap time. It started when she realized that the boys often watch a movie while she is sleeping. I tried to remedy that by having the boys lay down in their beds for a "rest" before I started putting Essie to sleep, but I think she knows it's a bluff. Yesterday, nap time came around and I was desperate for her to sleep. She cried off and on for an hour. Then she started yelling, "MOM...MAMA," followed by, "I am a bird...NEVER sweeps! I am a bird...NEVER sweeps!!!" I couldn't believe my ears. What a hysterical, clever little girl!

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Jamie said...

I can hear her now in my mind:) Mainly because I heard her saying it over the phone. She is such a cutie pie! I can't wait to see you next!