Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bathing Beauty

Estella still LOVES being in the water! Every morning while I am in the shower I can expect to have her join me before long. She pushes the door open and starts stripping. When I peek out to see if it is her she gives me a huge grin and says, "Naked. In the shower." She doesn't stand with her back to the water spray like both my boys did (still do). She gets in the water and sits down right in the middle of the downpour. I usually plug the tub so she can stay in for a while after I am finished. Here are a few pictures of her in the bath-after-shower. Her hair is hanging down her face because the shower water was falling right on top of her head the whole time.

For any photogs who are curious...I have HORRIBLE light in my bathroom, so I used a flash and bounced it off the wall directly to the left of her (as you are looking at the picture). I have been afraid to use flash, but have been experimenting with it in situations that I don't think I can get acceptable pictures otherwise. I have been surprised with some good results. I love that I was able to get some light in her eyes where without the flash, her eyes would have been completely dark. I also bounced the flash in the pictures of my kids devouring the leftover cookie dough.


April said...

So fun to catch-up on your blog. What a cute family.

Jim said...

Love the bathing beauty! Funny that you described the lighting b/c as soon as I saw these, I thought of my recent yellow tub-pictures. I'm still learning 'bout the features of my camera and am getting better with the w/b button- but that bounce flash sounds awesome!
Love the sorting buttons, too:)