Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Jumping Queen

Estella LOVES to jump on the tramp. I am amazed at how well she can hold her own even when jumping with the boys. I used to stand there reminding the boys to jump soft with her, or just make them jump seperately, but she has just figured out how to stay under control enough that I don't even worry anymore. When they are all on together she generally stays as far from anyone as she can, jumps right at the edge where there is the least bounce, and keeps one hand up toward the net so she can grab for support whenever she needs it.

She likes jumping with the boys, but when she can have free reign over the entire trampoline...that is freedom!

This is my favorite with her little pants falling down! I can't keep underwear on this little girl. I make sure she has them on in the morning, but she changes her own clothes so many times a day, I just can't keep track of whether she kept them on or took them off during the changing process. She treats her clothes like toys...she doesn't play with toys...she just trys on new clothes. This girl is seriously a girl!


mary said...

Oh Jen, these pictures are just to die for. I think you should print them up and hang them in her room. What a perfect capturing of childhood joy!!

April said...

Fun! I love the crazy hair!

As for green smoothies, here is a link to check out:


monkeystevens said...

Hahaha! i love these pictures and the fact that she loves to try clothes on so much!!! She is soo, soo cute! It's fun to hear about your sibs in your posts too. Good for Nicholas and the reading! Sounds like your kids take after their parents; brilliant little cookies :)

the remkes family said...

I love your look of your blog! It is good to know that my girls are not the only ones,who end up with out underware, all to often:)In one of the pictures of her, she looks so much like a little you. so cute.