Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Suzuki Institute

Jackson is at a 10 day class in Draper, Ut to learn how to teach cello better. It is a very in depth and extensive course. These 10 full days of instruction and observation only cover Book 1 of the Suzuki method. Next summer he will take Books 2 and 3...they are only 5 days each. He has been fascinated with the information and is itching to start teaching!

The kids and I made a chain to count down the days until Daddy comes home. It has really helped both Thomas and Nicholas. Time goes so slowly for kids...it is hard to understand 10 days. As they have seen the chain get shorter, however, they realize that it is getting closer. We made the chain the morning Daddy left. That evening we were sitting around the table. Nicholas asked, "Is it still the same day that Daddy left?" I told him it was. He sat there contemplating all those links on the chain and exclaimed, "WOW! That is going to be a REALLY long time until Daddy gets home."

That morning the kids requested chocolate chex (Thomas had seen them at the grocery store the day before). Normally I wouldn't cater to a request like that, but I was feeling like I needed something special to help me start off the long husbandless stretch, so I gave in. I didn't have chocolate chex, but I did have corn chex, plain yogurt and chocolate milk powder. The kids were delighted!


Krista said...

I really like the last picture. I completely illustrates your whole post.
I guess I didn't listen very well last week. I thought Jackson was going to be home last Saturday! It's hard to be without a daddy for that long. You're almost done though!

Rachael said...

I thought this was going to be a post about dirt bikes or something! :)