Sunday, June 06, 2010

Second Haircut

My sister Kara and her husband stopped overnight on their way home from Utah. Kara gave Essie her second haircut. It looks MUCH better with the ends all even and straight. I watched and asked questions while she was doing it, so I could learn how to do it myself. I think I know how, but I'm not sure I'll dare. Boys haircuts seem so much less intimidating, even though Kara promises that girls haircuts are much easier than boys. I may have to watch a few more times before I feel brave enough.

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Elisa said...

I'll do a straight cut on Elisabeth, but I haven't attempted layers yet though I've been asking for tips from my sister so that I can try it out sometime. It is a little scary doing girls haircuts. And boys do seem easier, though I think that may be because I've had 7 years of practice on Scott. I looked back to pictures of the first hair cut I gave him and it's embarrassing. :) I'm sure you'd do a really good job.