Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I'm getting behind with posting. There has been so much going on! Right after I got my softboxes I took LOTS of practice shots that I don't have time to edit, but I still want in our family photo book. That is why you will be seeing oodles of pictures with wrinkled backdrops. Hopefully you will also notice that the pictures get a little bit better as I went along. Not super yet, but better :)

Also, Alexander had his 6 month checkup today. I have been concerned about his head ever since he was about a month old. He has a VERY flat head on the back. I know that is common, but it still bothers me because none of my other children had this problem at all. I always mention that I am concerned about it at our Dr. appointments. Today our Doctor said she was concerned that the sutures on the sides of his skull might have prematurely fuzed together. She said the back of his head being flat combined with the forehead being much more prominant than any of our other children concerns her. She asked that we get a head CT scan to check on the sutures. I really didn't want to, but she assured me that is will only take two or three minutes and that he doesn't have to be sedated. I finally agreed. That scan will happen on Monday. If the sutures are fused he will need a surgery that will break open the sutures and attatch wire mesh that will allow room for his brain to grow. Uugh! We will be giving Alexander a blessing on Sunday and praying that he won't need to do this. I will let you know how the scan goes.

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Heart Mommy said...

oooh guys, sorry you have to have this going on. It is not fun. If you need a place to stay you are welcome here. That is assuming you will be coming to PCMC. Also if you need a place to stay for the wedding, we got ya covered. I laughed out loud at those brother pictures because Alexander either has little freckles under his chin like Gator or neck cheese like munchie gets. Hey, something else. I was reading journals the other night and it was when we were REALLY little. We were having sleep overs and you would tickle my back/face until I fell asleep....Okay I was supposed to tickle yours next but I always asked for five more minutes.... LOL... I love you! thanks for doing that for me... If you come visit me I will tickle your back until you fall asleep.... MMMMMMWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!