Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Career Event

Jackson began working with Waddell and Reed (a financial planning/investment/insurance company) the beginning of this year. They encourage their new employees to have a "Career Celebration Event" to let their friends and family know what they are doing. We wanted to make it fun and worthwhile for those who took the time to come, so I did free family photos in the lobby and Jackson hired a fabulous sushi chef who made sushi while we watched. It was fun (a bit stressful for Jackson and I, but still fun). Here are a few "test shots" (unedited) that my sweet boys endured while I was setting up lights for the family photos. If you care to see any of the photos I took of the families you can see some of them on the blog http://www.jenniferberryphotography.blogspot.com and most of them on facebook. I am a bit facebook retarded. I have a profile for myself and for my photography stuff. I just created the photography one, but I have no idea if I need to have people "friend" me if they want to see the photos I put up there...I would love to know if anyone can actually find the pictures that are there.

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