Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Week

 The first week of Eleanor's life was, unfortunately, very very stressful.  Not because of her.  We were supposed to close on our new house August 27th.  We had several bank loans look promising and then fall through.  Then, August 19th, our last resort family loan fell through.  We had already sold the house we were living in and knew we had to move the next week.  We thought we might have to cancel the contract on the house we were purchasing and move in with Jackson's parents or find a rental.  Things ended up working out.  We found a bank that would give us a loan.  The sellers agreed to extend the closing date and let us occupy early so we wouldn't have to find an intermediate living situation.  It was intensely stressful, however, and I definitely don't want to do it again!  

Sweet, sweet Eleanor was such a happy spot in that stressful week.  My mom was a lifesaver.  I would have spent every day crying my eyes out of she hadn't have been there.  I only broke out the camera twice that week.  I am so happy for those two times that I did.  Newborns are so fresh from heaven.  They carry such a spiritual presence with them.  These pictures help me remember those feelings.

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