Wednesday, September 05, 2012


What an crazy whirlwind we have been swept up in this past month!  I am going to get caught up here, but it will take some time.  First, we had a baby!!!  Sweet sweet Eleanor Anne was born August 15th at 8:49 am.  I have pictures and a delivery story that will come soon.

We sold our house and moved to a new house two short weeks after that!  We wouldn't have made it without the help of amazing family and friends.  I have received more service this past month than I thought possible.  It has been very humbling.  I can't wait to pay it forward.

We are getting settled in the new house.  We love it more than we expected and feel so thankful to Heavenly Father for prompting us to make this move.  We are still working out the computer/internet situation, so I have no pictures to share because they are on the desktop which isn't connected to the internet yet.  Hopefully that will be worked out soon, so I can record some of the experiences of the past month before I forget them.

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