Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nicholas Book 1 Recital

 Oh Nicholas, my boy, how I love you!  Nicholas has been ready ready ready for his Book 1 recital for a long time.  We finally got it scheduled and did it last week.  He performed wonderfully!  The sweet ladies at the retirement center were all in love with him before he finished his first song.  One thing I love about Nicholas' playing is how he feels the music.  It is like it is coming from somewhere deep inside him and rising up and coming out through his cello.  When he plays French Folk Song it just melts my heart.  Suzuki was right on when he said, "Beautiful tone, beautiful heart."  Nicholas, you have a beautiful heart and it shows when you play your cello. 

We narrated the program using one of our favorite books, "The Caboose That Got Loose" by Bill Peet.  We changed the main character from Katy to Nicholas and inserted the pieces where we thought they fit best in the story. 

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