Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Jazzy and Edmund

Jackson's little sister, Jazzy is getting married the middle of August to Edmund. Edmund flew here to Grand Junction from Canada to visit this past weekend. It was so fun to meet him and see he and Jazzy together. They are such a beautiful couple. Jazzy seems so happy. I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures at our family dinner at the park. Here's my favorite...

I'm doing my first photo shoot (other than my kids) on Thursday. I am really excited. Last night I was trying to get everything ready and try a few different things to prepare. These are a few pics from that. You have got to love Nicholas's hair! "Please, Mom, give me a haircut!!!"


CJ said...

That picture of your sister-in-law with her fiance is just gorgeous. Love that wistful, far away look in their eyes... aw, new love. :)

Jamie said...

YOu have a great eye for photography. I wish you lived closer to us I would totally pay you to take pics of my kids.