Sunday, July 20, 2008


Thomas and Nicholas LOVE balloons. I bought a big bag of them and unfortunately the boys found them. That meant lots of balloon blowing for me and also lots of balloons on the floor to keep away from Estella. She found one and was enjoying it so much, I decided to just supervise closely. I love this series of pictures. "Look mom...I have the balloon in my mouth."
"This is pretty stretchy."
"Let's see how far I can stretch it."
What a silly girl.

We just got back from a Berry family camping trip (in cabins) to Ragged Mountain. It was a blast. I have TONZ of pictures I will post soon.


julie said...

I love your blog it is so cute and that picture series was hilarious!

CJ said...

Lol. That is so funny. Especially that last picture. Poor girl! Some lessons in life we just have to learn the hard way. :)

mary said...

That is SO funny!! Great new pictures, all of them. I just did some newborn pictures as well last week -- still editing them... I feel like my blog (and all my friend's blogs!) are getting totally neglected... anyway, your kids are so cute. I love the studio pic you took of all three of them.