Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Little Sis

This is my little sister Jamie. We had a family reunion in Loa, UT this past weekend and we shot some senior pictures of her while we were there. She is so gorgeous! There are so many pictures that turned out. I am a bit bummed about some of them, though, because I am a retard and am still learning how to use my camera right and I focused some of them wrong. I was trying to get a really shallow depth of field and focus right on her eyes, but I did it wrong and it focused on the weeds just to the side of her. ARGH!!! I think I figured out what I did wrong, though. I had the camera on AF-C which is continual auto focus rather than AF-S whish locks on and doesn't change when you resompose the picture. Sorry about that Jamie...there are still TONZ of great ones, though. I'll be posting more soon!

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