Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Typical Day

A few weeks ago Clarissa (my niece) and I were chatting after sacrament meeting at church.  She looked at me and very sincerely asked, "What do you do at home all day?  Do you just play games with your kids all day long?"  I chuckled a little bit and assured her that there was more to my day than games.  I kept thinking about the question and her sincerity in wanting to know what I did as a mom.  I decided to keep a notebook handy and jot down things as they happened during one day.  This day happened to be a Tuesday.  I might have gotten a little bit carried away...there is a lot here, but I really didn't feel like I was writing down EVERYTHING.  There was so much more than this happening...things like answering the constant questions that come from a 5 year old, repeating back everything a 2 year old says so they are satisfied that you understood them, kissing and squeezing a 6 month old every second she is awake because you know how soon she will be crawling and walking and not wanting to be held anymore.

Once the kids were in bed and I looked back over the things I had written down I was pleasantly surprised to see that I actually had done some things during the day.  Most days end and I am just not sure I did enough.  I often feel like I am failing in many areas and if I give attention to one thing then something else starts to fail.  I continually evaluate how I am spending my time and everything just seems so essential to me. It was nice to look back over the day and realize that I didn't waste time doing things that weren't important to me.  I do wish I didn't need to take a nap most days.  That is a time sucker!  I just get SO tired and if I don't nap then I get a headache which makes it really hard for me to be a happy mom.  I am hopeful that will change as my kids get older and I am not pregnant or nursing a baby.

I would like to do this every year so I can look back and see what my days were like during different stages of life.  I am sure I will look back on this busy time and miss many things about it.  I think I will also be glad that it is past for some reasons also :)

600        Hear Jackson's alarm, drift in and out of sleep while he gets ready and leaves to teach cello lessons
630         Alexander climbs into bed with me.  We sing songs and snuggle and he begs for pancakes.
645         Get up, make bed, start breakfast, unload dishwasher
700         Wake up Thomas and Nicholas.  Feed them breakfast, finish making lunches, sign planners, find shoes and things for school
730         Load 5 kids into van, drive boys to school
800         Get Essie and Alexander busy with something, nurse Eleanor, change 2 poopy diapers, dress Nori and Zando, start a load of laundry
820         Start making bread, clean up breakfast, help Essie practice violin
845         Knead bread, start granola
900         Put Eleanor down for a nap
915         Read stories to Essie and Zando while granola is cooking and bread is rising
920         Stir granola, give Essie and Zando a snack, put wet laundry in dryer, and start another load
925         Clean up enormous mess Zando made with the snack while I was doing laundry for 2 minutes.
930         Clean up table from snack
935         Do breakfast and baking dishes
945         Shape bread and set to rise
950         Do more dishes
1000       Get Essie and Zando busy doing something, jump in shower. 
1005       Zando realizes where I went and comes to join me.  He begs to come in the shower and starts pulling off his clothes.  I put up a weak protest and then consent because that is much easier than what would follow if I said no.  Essie begs for more snack.  Hoping for a moment to wash myself (even if there is a 2 year old holding on to my legs) I say yes, but tell her she has to clean up every little bit.
1010       Decide to wipe down shower while I am in there.  Get out, dress Alexander again, get myself dressed.
1020       Eleanor wakes up.  Turn on oven to bake bread, nurse Eleanor.  Watch Zando poke himself with a pin while I am nursing.  Ask Essie to get him a bandaid and try to remember where he dropped the pin so I can pick it up when I am finished.
1030       Do some cub scouts planning.  Encourage Essie to finish her snack and clean it up.
1035       Do reading lesson with Essie while holding Nori and trying to protect everyone from a wild climbing and jumping Zando.
1045       Take out bread and breathe in the delicious smells.
1050       Get shoes on everyone
1055       Change out laundry
1100       Call County Extension Office about a soil sample
1110       Load everyone in the van, run four errands
1145       Stop at the park, fill out Caprock Kindergarten packet for Estella
1200       Load back in the van
1210       Drop Essie off at playgroup
1215       Get home, put Nori down for a nap, make lunch
1220       Nori is still fussing.  Decide she is hungry earlier than usual because the last feeding was interrupted by pin drama.  Nurse her and set her back down for a nap.
1225       Sit down for lunch sith Zando
1230       Jackson calls about library books
1240       Read Zando a story
1250       Put Zando down for a nap
1255       Sit down for a scoop of ice cream while reading an herb gardening book
100         Zando is crying.  Help him, then decide I need more ice cream.  Eat it while checking email and blogs.
110         Leave lunch dishes and lay on bed reading herb book.
120         Decide to take a nap so I am not grumpy when big boys get home from school
240         Wake up
245         Make copies of music for a friend
250         Start Caprock survey
255         Essie comes home, make her a snack
300         Zando wakes up.  Hold him and work on survey
315         Do lunch dishes, bread and granola dishes, give Zando a snack
330         Welcome boys home, get Zando dressed to play outside
335         Start another load of laundry, throw (and kick) all toys downstairs in a pile on the rug to be sorted later.
338         Nori wakes, nurse her while visiting with Thomas and Nicholas
400         Start Nicholas practicing, luck up living room while Nicholas is doing reviews
413         Change Zando diaper, tidy his room, clean up table from snacks, get grossed out by the food crusted all over the chairs that must have been there for weeks without me noticing.
419         I can’t get the crusties out of my mind, so start scrubbing them off while continually reminding Nicholas to “roll back…pull your cello in closer to your neck…play in the highway…circle bow.”
425         Nicholas is rushing a song.  Make up a story for him about a royal king who marches everywhere he goes.  Dust the living room while marching around the room like this royal king to help him keep the tempo.  Rescue Nori from Zando sitting on her.  Keep dusting and straightening bookshelf while helping Nicholas.
436         Stop dusting and focus on practice with Nicholas
445         Nori is sleepy.  Put her in bed.  Finish practicing with Nicholas
450         Nicholas done.  Find Thomas to start practicing.  Feel very thankful for leftovers in the fridge.  Get kids to start setting table while I get dinner ready and help Thomas as needed.
500         Work on scout stuff while helping Thomas, stir dinner, change laundry, fold laundry, get Nicholas started in homework.
510         Have Nicholas read Zando a book
520         Play 2nd Seitz accompaniment with Thomas to get ready for Talent Show
535         Everyone melting down…hungry.  Daddy not home yet, try to hold everyone off.
545         I can’t take it anymore, start eating without Dad.
554         Dad gets home.  Kids are finished and can’t sit still, excuse them and visit with Jackson while he eats
605         Gather everyone to help with dishes, dishwasher is broken so we do them by hand, rinse and load in dishwasher to air dry.  Wipe surfaces, vaccum under table, sweep and wipe down kitchen floor.
630         Everyone wants a treat.  Make peanut butter bars.
645         Bars in oven, feed Eleanor
705         Bars out, write a few emails
715         Sing our scripture gathering song, read scriptures as a family, have family prayer
730         Read with Nicholas, put Eleanor in bed
745         Help Estella to bed, tidy up house a little
755         Write cub scout email
800         Kiss boys goodnight and breathe a sigh of relief…everyone is in bed!

After the kids are in bed, Jackson and I usually talk for a while and then work on projects or watch a little something together.  If I haven't fit scripture reading in to my day, I read before I go to bed.  


Elk Horn Specialties said...

Isn't this a song on "Tangled" :) You are amazing!!!! Love Aunt Lisa

Heart Mommy said...

Oh my gooshie!!! Did you make it to the potty once!!! You rocked your day!!! I want to do this now, I can garantee I am not as productive... Especially since you make your own bread and granola and I buy mine from the bakery... Go you!!!