Sunday, February 03, 2013


The hardest thing for me while practicing with individual children (well one of the hardest) is how to keep the others happy.  Alexander is at the hardest age for this.  You can see that this particular day he found the puzzles and I decided to let him happily make a mess while I helped Nicholas.  Nicholas is doing so well with the cello.  These pictures made me feel a little bit unsettled...when I looked at them the first time I saw a much older Nicholas than I expected to see.  Moments like that make me realize how quickly their childhood  passes and it makes me pause and wonder if I am doing a good enough job as a mother during these critical years.  

A few nights ago Jackson and I were talking about what instrument we thought Alexander would enjoy playing.  We aren't sure yet.  He sure enjoys his cardboard violin and stick bow, though!  He also sings in tune which surprises both Jackson and I.  I honestly don't remember if the other kids could sing in tune at age two.  It seems quite young.

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